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Wish List

Please HelpPlease can you HELP us?? 

Noah's Lost Ark's needs are many and varied, as we try to provide the best possible world for our beautiful "wild ones" as well as educate those of us in our own world about the plight of the animals. If you can help with any of the following needed items, in working condition please drop us an Email or give us a call at 330-584-7835

*Keep in mind your contributions are tax deductible as permitted by law*

Thank You !!!


Please HelpServices Needed: 

Although Noah's Lost Ark is not a zoo, and does not have the municipal and government support that zoos enjoy, we still have the same needs and requirements. Our founders, spend most of their time actually taking care of and cleaning up after the animals.

Professional fund-raising and public relations support is essential for a publicly supported organization such as Noah's Lost Ark. And considering the nature of our endeavor - providing homes for big cats and other animals - legal advice and litigation support is an absolute necessity.


If you can help in any of these areas, we would certainly appreciate you:

EmrichmentEnrichment toys for the animals are needed. Your "donation" could be a much needed toy.

We are in need of donations of land to expand the sanctuary.

Lawn, Garden and Outdoor Supplies

Used Backhoe

Straw & Hay


Tractor repair supplies

Gas powered welder

Chain saws

Heavy duty garden hoses

Rakes and shovels

Water/feed Buckets (rubber)

Wheel barrows

Skid loader


Office equipment and supplies


Copy paper

Printing Services

Postage Stamps


Bulding SuppliesBuilding Supplies


Stains and sprayers


3/4" plywood

2X4's, 4X4's and 4X6's

Chains and clips

Hooks and swivels

Chain link fencing 8ft or higher

8ft Game Fence

12ft fence posts

Clamps and latches

Fence pipe 1/2" and 2"

Metal and plastic roofing


Electrical and plumbing supplies

Outlets and switches

3/4" schedule 40 water line

Frost free hydrants

#10 and under-underground 3 conductor wire.


Vehicles and Appliances    

1 Ton Dually Pick-up Truck

Walk-in Freezer

Walk-in Refrigerator

Gas Heater - Wall Mount - for warm room animals



Boomer Balls

Children's hard plastic toys

Big cat toys 

Disposable Gloves

Pole building supplies for large cat compound

Dog food 

Cat food



Misc. fencing supplies

Work boots and gloves

Heat lamps

Hand tools

Co2 cartridges

Invomec and Panacur wormer

Used 4 wheeler

Feed tubs

Igloo dog houses

Calf hutches

Landscaping materials



Trees, shrubs, flowers

Bagged Sawdust



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