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Welcome to Noah's Lost Ark

we believe in educating the public about the plight of exotic and endangered animals in our society. That's why we are one of the few sanctuaries federally and state licensed that offers educational guided tours. If we do not take the time to educate people they will just go on without knowing they CAN make a difference.

We at Noah's Lost Ark know we will make a difference.

Noah's Lost Ark Entrance

Open to the general public - May 15th - October 31st
Perfect for family outings, self guided walking tour of the sanctuary.

Remember to dress for the weather!

ToursPlease understand: Some of the animals at the sanctuary have been so traumatized by humans they will not be on the "open" part of the sanctuary.

Noah's Lost Ark tries to maintain natural areas, many of our pathways are gravel.

We also offer wagons to rent.

On-site education programs focus on a walking tour of the sanctuary.


What we offer:



Our mission is to educate people of all ages about the care and necessity of preserving all wildlife. Our guided educational tours are designed to familiarize children with animals from all over the world in the hopes they will become more enlightened about the impact of wild animals and their habitats.

The hour and a half long walking tour strives to promote conservation, emphasize awareness, appreciation and a better understanding of exotic animals in our world today.

Young people are drawn to animals and many students have never seen these kinds of animals up close and personal. Presentations are informal and encourage questions while designed to make learning fun.

Children are encouraged to feed, pet and interact with some of the animals on the tour.

Fallow DeerFallow Deer

Group rates are designed for parties of 15 or more and the charge is $5.00 per person.


BearsPlease consider Noah’s Lost Ark for your next school field trip. Personally guided field trips last approximately an hour and a half. We offer a picnic area, petting zoo, and gift shop with plenty of bus parking. Noah’s Lost Ark receives no government funding and is supported entirely by donations and admission fees. Children are offered a unique chance to experience the sites and sounds close up with the animals from all over the world. 

Children love animals, and no where else in our area can they experience such a wide array of exotic animals and know they are helping at the same time. By showing community support and visiting the sanctuary, they will help us make a difference while learning the importance of wildlife.


CLOSED FOR THE SEASON : November 1st through May 15th

*Schedule subject to change without notice*

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