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Special Thanks!


It is our pleasure to show gratitude to the following individuals who have made special efforts to help Noah's become a better place.

A big "THANK YOU FOR CARING"  to all of our generous sponsors!

Photos from our 2nd Annual Bike Run


Boy Scout Troop #117 from Canton, Ohio

Boy Scout troop #117 came to Noah's Lost Ark and helped to stain our benches.


C&V Wholesale Plumbing, Inc.

C&V Plumbing, Inc, donated waterline supplies so that we could install water to all of our pole barns. 

PONDSCAPE, Youngstown, OH and AQUASCAPE, Batavia, IL

Pondscape and aquascape generously donated a spectacular pond system complete with waterfalls to enrich our resident animals habitats. Their crews worked tirelessly for two whole days and the pond turned out beautifully! Click on the photos below to see a larger view:

The pond before and during the work in progress:

pond-before3-12.jpg (111769 bytes)   pond-before2-12.jpg (86732 bytes)  pond-before-12.jpg (95719 bytes) 

The finished pond!

 pond-after3-12.jpg (115505 bytes)  pond-after2-12.jpg (121058 bytes)  pond-afer1-12.jpg (84339 bytes)

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our resident artist, Barbara Keith, for her beautiful artwork impressions of all our animals and her partner and resident photographer Nina Wolf.

They have contributed so much through the years. Look for their work soon on our gift shop page!

All of us at Noah's would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for our newest friend, Alan Garvin who made his Eagle Scout project helping out the big cats at Noah's.

Alan Designed and built 4 big cat perches with the help of his troop and troop leaders.

Thanks Alan!

Click on the photos below to see larger versions

Trouble checking out her new perch - even the truck was donated to haul the perches.

Obie trying out his new perch

Volunteers donating Obie's Perch.

Eagle Scout Alan Garvin and helpers.



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Click on Photos for a larger view

     ABRA'S EXAM    

Abra, the Black Leopard receiving an exam, getting her vaccinations and blood drawn.


Harry's CatScan (Harry is one of our African Lions)

Deep Appreciation and gratitude goes out to everyone at Southwest Animal Hospital in Parma, Heights, Ohio.

Dr. Joseph Cross, DVM and his staff were wonderful in helping us with Harry getting his much needed CatScan!

Thank You! to all staff and Dr. Cross for everything, including their kindness and generosity in helping Harry.


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