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How to Help, Make a Special Donation

Make a Special Donation Online Now

You can make a special donation to help Noah's Lost Ark in any of the following areas:

Animal Shelters  Wolf Pens Veterinary Costs Feed Costs
Big Cat Pens Bear Habitats Meat Costs Grounds Maintenance
Enrichment Toys Animal Transportation Special Programs Printing/Advertising
Utility Bills Fencing Tools & Equipment Greatest Need

List any of the above categories for your donation on our "Special Instructions" section on our donation page, or tell us how you want your donation used in the same area.

If you would like to make a much-needed donation to Noah's Lost Ark , you can do so with our online account by clicking the DONATE button below:



Imagine helping to save one of nature's most wonderful creatures, by  sponsoring the animal of your choice you can do your part and help share in the care of these amazing animals. Your generous contributions help us to build larger enclosures needed, provide well balanced diets that keep the animals healthy, help pay for medical cost and procedures, besides helping to fund the necessary administrative costs that are inherent to the successful operation of the sanctuary.

In return you will receive valuable premiums, such as unique opportunities and the knowledge that you are an essential partner in providing these magnificent animals with the care they truly deserve. In our Sanctuary there are many animals that would be dead today had it not been for caring people willing to donate their time and money to this worthwhile cause your dollars are precious resources that we use to give an unfortunate animal a much better and well deserved quality of life.

Not only does your personal or corporate involvement provide the essential care required to keep your "Sponsored" animal in the finest condition, but it is also a tax deductible contribution as we are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.

Click HERE to find out more about the sponsorship program opportunities!



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